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Dear shirleymoo.smurf,

Please find attached documents as requested.

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Order #9766193

Hello shirleymoo.smurf, your order #9766193 for $6213741913970904941506275868065924872922365600672120565801365059478581636982348208940423588266931263913618305282135960954165437213464730016752355850571275548053132994540659313440468644465704134745457722155957879232814907881858660497713472836789230273018430218565788140039159208749132650908545491392463221324645199139999638867818651465388175815375291852019092987697116773497744342604784382723573598724476078713920462 is delivered the destination.
Sending you the receipt. Please pay it prior to next week.

The receipt is in the attachment.

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Rhonda Mills
Delivery Manager

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Please Consider This

Dear shirleymoo.smurf,

Our accountants have noticed a mistake in the payment bill #DEC-8769011.
The full information regarding the mistake, and further recommendations are in the attached document.

Please confirm the amount and let us know if you have any questions.


Dear Client! We have to inform you that payments for contractors' services were insufficient.
Thus, we are sending the report and the amount details in the attachment.